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Thread: Lopsided in Hudson, WI..need assistance!

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    Default Lopsided in Hudson, WI..need assistance!

    Does ANYBODY know where I can rent a 'hospital grade' breast pump to get production back on the side that gave up?? I can't find one anywhere and unfortunately I don't have the funds to purchase one right now..

    Not only am I lopsided ( a non-milk-producing ALMOST B cup -- and a very engorged full D cup that's single handedly feeding a 25lb 11 month old little girl ) but I feel that my spiritual, mental, and emotional balances are thrown off as well because of this..

    I need to rent a pump as soon as possible..anybody in the Hudson/River Falls area know where I can find one?

    THANK YOU! xo

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    Default Re: Lopsided in Hudson, WI..need assistance!


    See if you can find a place with the above link. You have to put in your zip code.
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