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Thread: Eating lots of solids at 9 months- too much?

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    Default Eating lots of solids at 9 months- too much?

    Hi all,
    My 9 month old has recently increased the amount of solids she's eating. We started slowly at 6 months with lunch. Now, we are at 3 meals a day. My concern is that I want to keep breastfeeding past 12 months. My pumping output has decreased a little. I think she's still getting lots of milk since she's eating the same during the day and a couple of X at night. I don't want to restrict her but I am concerned that the amount she's eating will lead to early weaning. Here's an example:

    B: Yogurt with buckwheat and fruit OR hard boiled egg yolk, fruit, and veggie
    L: Lamb cube, acorn squash, and peas
    D: Chicken, kale cube, and 1/2 avocado

    What do others think? Sometimes she'll snack on cheese and fruit after her p.m. nap. I always breastfeed first and then offer solids. For lunch and dinner, I usually breastfeed AGAIN after solids since she still seems hungry or at least wants the comfort.

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Eating lots of solids at 9 months- too much?

    IME as long as you are continuing to FIRST offer breastmilk (nursing or bottle) and then doing solids after ... just follow baby's lead!

    My DS1 at 9 mo old was barely eating solids. My DS2 really got into solids and was eating 3 "meals" a day by 7 mo AND still doing the same amount of bf / EBM in a bottle.

    DS2 is currently 18 mo old, eats a ton, AND nurses as much as he can.
    DS1: bf 7/2006 -> 4/2009; multiple food allergies
    DS2: bf 9/2009 -> ???
    ; multiple food allergies
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    Default Re: Eating lots of solids at 9 months- too much?

    yup and as long as they are growing and not having any trobles pooping your doing just fine.

    After a year if they are nursing well 3-4 times in 24 hours you still don't have to worry about mommy milk subs.

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    Default Re: Eating lots of solids at 9 months- too much?

    It's so interesting how all babies are so different w/ eating! I must admit that it's so much easier to breastfeed. It's fun to see her eat solids but it's a pain in the butt! She's definitely an eater!

    She's doing well poopwise!

    As far as 12 months, I've been thinking about that since her birthday is in June. I would love to pump wean!!

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