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Can anyone offer advice on the best way to night wean my 12-month-old? I'm not ready to wean her completely, but I am ready for a decent nights sleep. She still wakes up several times a night to nurse. And I've been ok with that (she has refused the bottle since she was born and I work two days a week out of the house, so she just doesn't get BM when I am gone...therefore, I felt like it was impt for her to get the extra calories/nutrition overnight). But it's time for her to start eating more solid food and for her to give mommy a break at night. But if somone else tries to soothe her or I refuse to nurse her, it's terrible. She cries and screams, etc. She has quite a temper! I'll try anything....help!
Different things work or don't work for different children, so it's hard to say, but with my first son, we night-weaned at 13 months by simply sending my hubby in to do the soothing for a while. With my second son, we night-weaned at about 15-months using the methods suggested in the book "The Sleepeasy Solution" - waking him up for feedings a bit before he normally wakes up and tapering them off by a few mins each night. It worked for a while, but once he started teething he started really demanding to nurse again at night. Now, at 20 months, I am nursing him once a night at around 3 or 4 am again to get him to sleep until 6 or 7. Good luck!