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Thread: I'm losing it still...

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    Default I'm losing it still...

    Thank you everyone who has been so kind and helpful ... but I just want to crawl in bed and cry. Non-latching DS is making me crazy. He'll be 2 mos. this week.

    He has BF a little bit the last couple days, not well, but at least something. Maybe 10 min total if I added it all up. It makes me pull me hair out bc I spend all this effort getting SNS ready, taping it on, taping nipple shield on so he doesn't pull it off, getting pillow, Brest Friend, etc. etc. all ready ... we're ready to go, nipple shield filling with milk so he doesn't get frustrated, baby positioned ... and NOTHING! He cries, pushes away, grabs SNS tube, etc.

    I swear, I want to quit and not quit at the same time. I am doing everything I can to create a positive experience at the breast for him and it is WEARING ME OUT. I'm getting tired of thinking about nothing but BF. Yet I want to make this work. HELP!

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    I am a new mother of a 3 weeks old and getting use to BF myself so I can't really offer much help to you in that area. But I just wanted to wish you well and offer some encouragement! You have stuck with it this long and doing your very best, so try to hang in there. You are very determined and driven, most women now a days would have quit by now. Keep at it, it will pay off in the long run. I know how you feel about the wearing you out part, God knows I do but it's the price we pay as mothers lol. And when it's all over and they're grown and don't "need" us anymore we will appreciate every second they spent with us wearing us out. I try my best to keep that in mind when I start getting frustrated and feeling drained. We may get upset, breakdown and feel hopeless at times but in our hearts we know we're doing our best and what's best for our babies and we LOVE every minute of it. Good luck mama and hang in there!

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    If you have to take a break for a day to regroup and get your mind back in the game, you could do that.

    I get what you are saying. I wanted to quit every day with my first baby, yet not quit. And it did pay off in the end.

    I can't remember all the suggestions, but maybe go back through, recap which ones you tried, and then go from there.

    I also always think about things bothering baby. All of mine have had some level of reflux. It made nursing very difficult with one, and it's making this last baby kind of more difficult than he really should be But that might be something to consider if you haven't already
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