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Thread: One month old all of the sudden clicking/losing suction

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    Default One month old all of the sudden clicking/losing suction

    Just when I finally thought we had gotten the BF thing down, my little girl has started clicking and losing suction now. I feel like it causes her to swallow lots of air and get frustrated, and milk tends to leak out the sides of her mouth more often which makes things messy too. I feel like its frustrating both of us.

    I don't understand why this all of the sudden started happening now though. I had an LC come by last week and check things out, and she thought my daughter has a high palate and also might have a "short" tongue that can't fully compress the nipple like it should. But if this is so, why didn't the clicking happen from the get go?

    I do have a fast let down, and I notice this is more of a problem the fuller my breasts are at feeding time. She is gaining fine and even ate over 3 oz when the LC was here, clicking and all. I just want things to be more comfortable for all of us.

    Also, I am worried that her paci use could be the culprit since we have just started using it more often in the past couple weeks.

    The LC thought maybe I should see a specliast for cranial therapy to help with the tongue situation... I don't know what that involves though. Should I just let it go as long as she's still getting enough milk?

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    Default Re: One month old all of the sudden clicking/losing suction

    My 2 month old clicks, and from what I've read it is most likely d/t my overactive letdown. She will attempt a shallow latch if I'm not paying attention; if yours is doing the same, that can explain the loss of suction.

    As long as she is peeing/pooping fine, gaining weight, and seems happy I wouldn't worry about it.
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