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Thread: Worried about pumping to increase supply

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    Default Worried about pumping to increase supply

    My lo is three and a half months old. We're almost exclusively breastfeeding, though I have to supplement occasionally. I want to increase my supply so I can stop supplementing, but I have some concerns. I've tried pumping immediately after breastfeeding her, but she never seems to get enough at the next feeding. I guess my question is, if I start pumping regularly after breastfeeding her, how long does this typically take to increase my supply? Or, can anyone offer some additional help? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Worried about pumping to increase supply

    Hi Momma,

    I haven't used pumping to increase my supply, but I know plenty of mums here have.

    Other ways I know you can increase your supply (apologies I have to rush, so I've lifted the suggestions below from a response I gave to someone asking the same question - incase they seem slightly out of context!):

    1. Nurse, nurse and nurse some more! If you're shy about nursing in public or need to get things done then some of the mums on here can advise you about babywearing/nursing on the go.
    2. Drink lots of water and eat oatmeal - works for me There are also herbs you can take, which boost your supply (if you look about the threads or ask, someone who uses them will advise)
    3. Always nurse before offering formula. That way they're not going to fill up on the other stuff and they're more likely to empty your boob!
    4. Get someone who's qualified to check babies latch - so you can make sure they're able to empty your breast (and so demand your body to make some more).
    5. Get help if you can to get the other 'stuff' done. If you have friends or relatives who are willing to help with cooking, chores etc then use them! Focus on the nursing relationship now and it will pay dividends (making your life a lot easier) in the future.

    I hope you find some of that useful. Good luck momma!
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