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Thread: diaper output, period & leaking questions

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    Default diaper output, period & leaking questions

    Okay so I have asked several questions in the last few days so I apologize for all my questions! There are a few things I always wondered/worried about and I figure this is the best place to ask!

    I had my daughter August 15th and started by period the beginning of October and have had one every month since. I have always exclusively breastfed her, isn't starting it that soon abnormal? Along with that, I never really leaked much from the beginning. I would leak slightly in the beginning when she would begin nursing on one side, the other would leak a bit but that's it. Isn't that a little odd too? I have always had troubles with low supply and have had to work very hard to keep it up. Do you think those things are indicators of a low supply right from the beginning?

    Diaper Output
    My baby is 7 months old. She nurses every 2.5 to 3 hours and eats solids 3 times a day. She has reflux and has 3 ounces of water with her dissolved medication in it 2 houds before bedtime. Generally speaking what should her wet and poopy diaper output be?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: diaper output, period & leaking questions

    What makes you think you've had a problem with low supply?

    Is this your first time breastfeeding a child?
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    Default Re: diaper output, period & leaking questions

    some people get their period back ASAP...some not for years!!!! Did your LO sleep thru the night early on, or go long preiods at night w/o nursing? As for leaking, it is fine to leak only a tiny amount. I am not sure that is an indicator of supply at all.

    I am not sure the wet or poop diaper output for a 7 month old. but it sounds like she is drinking enough liquids. My DD used to poop once a week until she really started to eat solids, then it became a bit more frequent.

    Are you worried your LO isnt peeing or pooping enough??
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    Default Re: diaper output, period & leaking questions

    I hope its okay to reply to all the questions with one reply!

    As far as low supply, there are times when my daughter would get very fussy at the breast and refuse to nurse, even as early as a few months old. I saw an LC at the hospital I had her at, they weighed her before and after nursing and she wasn't taking in enough. Her diaper output wasn't the best and she was gaining very slow. I started pumping more, drinking mothers milk tea and taking fenugreek. My supply increased, baby was nursing wonderfully, diaper output was great and she was gaining, although still very slow, it was improved. I tried to stop the tea and fenugreek but when I did my supply dropped again. So now I have to constantly take fenugreek and mothers milk tea or my supply drastically drops below the demand of my baby.

    I have since had times where my supply just drops for no reason. The drop never seems to coincide with general growth spurt times or my cycle. I now know the cues to watch for, mainly my little one getting fussy at the breast for a few days. When this happens I start pumping like a crazy woman and putting baby on the breast as much as possible (much more than usual). I can usually boost it back up in a week. These are rough times because my baby is usually very fussy during this week but we always pull through.

    This is the 2nd baby I have nursed, but the first I have nursed exclusively. I had my oldest daughter who is now 9 when I was 17 and in high school. I went back to school after I had her and didn't have enough knowledge or support from anyone to teach me about pumping. So when I was around she nursed, when I was not she had formula. On another sad note, back then the WIC office encouraged me to formula feed because I was so young and it would be easier. I literally had no support as a teenage nursing mama.

    As far as diaper output I can find info on the internet talking about what the wet and poop diaper output should be for younger breastfed babies. But not for older babies like mine. I would like to know what is considered normal just so I can monitor her. She is still a very slow weight gainer and is low on the charts for her age. She has also been very active from a very early age so that could be part of it. But I guess knowing what is normal diaper output would help put my mind at ease that she is getting enough.

    Thanks for putting my mind at ease about my period and lack of leaking! Makes me feel better! And sorry for the long winded reply!

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    Default Re: diaper output, period & leaking questions

    It's perfectly normal for babies to go days or even a week or more without pooping when they are ebf. Breastmilk is very pure, so there's little waste sometimes. And then it can change on you and your LO could poop 3X a day - also perfectly normal.

    As PP said, some people get their periods back right away and others not for year.

    The leaking can also be normal.

    If you're worried about weight gain, I would offer to nurse a few more times a day and see how it goes. You could easily up the number of sessions if your LO takes you up on it. My DD doesn't "ask" to nurse very often, but if I offer, she tends to eat.

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