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Thread: exclusive pumping?

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    Anyone out there have any experience with pumping exclusively? For a variety of reasons I'm beginning to think that DS and I are just not going to be good nursing partners (whereas my first DS and I did very well with breastfeeding), so I'm just trying to prepare for pumping (and pumping and pumping) in case it comes to that. Any tips/advice?


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    There's an exclusive pumping forum, under the pumping section.

    Can you tell us why you're switching to just pumping? Maybe we can help you get ack to nursing? It's much harder to exlusively pump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommy2lilah View Post
    Can you tell us why you're switching to just pumping? Maybe we can help you get ack to nursing? It's much harder to exlusively pump.

    I had to resort to EP'ing after almost a year of breastfeeding (not to mention the first few months of his life) and I wish I could have stayed EBF instead. It was so. much. work.
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    I EPed with DS1, and it was so much work and I feel like I lost out on so much bonding with him that when DS2 came around I was determined not to do pump exclusively in spite of multiple issues (OS/OALD, reflux, tongue-tie, refusing my left breast, etc) and we managed to get through all that and nurse. If there are issues that we can help you work through to keep you from pumping exclusively, these ladies here are full of knowledge. I think it's great you are willing to pump if it can't work out, but I think most problems are worth trying to overcome rather than pump.

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    Do you have extra milk? Consider donating!

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    I know it's hard, but it's harder to exclusively pump! (especially if you don't have to).

    I'm doing both, currently. My DD is an enormous 3 month old. We nurse almost every hour/hour and a half still and she gets 16-20oz of formula on top of it. I pump at work and it's the biggest hassle of my life. I also pump after the first morning feeding when I'm not at work, after the bedtime feeding and I've even added in a 2 am pumping while DD is sleeping. I never get more than 2.5 oz and that's very discouraging. The pump doesn't get milk out as efficiently as the baby so be prepared for your supply to take a hit.

    I'm doing fenugreek, mother's milk tea, lots of water and just finished 3 weeks of Reglan. My pump output increased from 2 oz to 2.5 oz during/after the Reglan.

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