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Thread: diarreoha or breast milk nappies?

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    Default diarreoha or breast milk nappies?

    Hi folks, just wondering how do you know the difference between a diarrea (sorry spelt incorrectly i know!) and a breast milk nappy if toddler has done lots of nursing?

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    Default Re: diarreoha or breast milk nappies?

    I would look at the frequency of the bms.
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    Default Re: diarreoha or breast milk nappies?

    In my experience, a breastmilk poo has more of a "peanut butter" consistency... where it's unformed and SOFT but not too loose. Diarrhea is definitely more the consistency of straight WATER, very VERY loose and liquidy.
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    Default Re: diarreoha or breast milk nappies?

    and it just keeps coming and coming and coming.
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    Default Re: diarreoha or breast milk nappies?

    And the smell...
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    Default Re: diarreoha or breast milk nappies?

    Diarrhea is runny and watery. Breast milk poo is soft but not watery.

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    Default Re: diarreoha or breast milk nappies?

    Plus, if they have diarrhea, they won't be peeing very much because they lose all that water in their stools.
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