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Thread: showing affection to breasts?

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    Default showing affection to breasts?

    Any other toddlers show real affection to your breasts? DD is turning 2 and will try to hug them, she smiles at them, will pat them, and sometimes just wants to lay on them,. not even to nurse, she will jsut look at them, smile and lay her head on them (after lifting my shirt up, she wants to SEE them!)

    I think its totally adorable and funny...just wondering if there are other babies who show real affection tot he boob, and if they do what do they do to show it?
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    Default Re: showing affection to breasts?

    Lilah did and still does a lot of those things. She'll say "Hi nurse-nurse." with a big grin on her face, even though she's been weaned for about 4 months.

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    Default Re: showing affection to breasts?

    My son likes to point at them and smile. IMHO I think it's normal!!

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    Default Re: showing affection to breasts?

    Jaxon will still reach down my shirt when he is stressed or use them for pillows. To be honest- I'm not certain he was ready to be weaned but it couldn't be avoided. He still loves his nursers
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    Default Re: showing affection to breasts?

    We only nurse down to sleep these days, but each time I ask him to finish with one side, he pats my breast with his hand, and then when he pops off, he kisses my nipple. It worried me a bit at first, since I am a part of my culture, which sexualizes breasts, but I talked to a few of my friends who extended nursed their kids, and they said theirs did similar things. So, now I just enjoy how much nursing fills my son with love.

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    Default Re: showing affection to breasts?

    My DS will be 2 in May and he has recently started kissing the top of my breast above my bra and says I like milkies. I think it is normal, not worried.

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    Default Re: showing affection to breasts?

    Taiga often gives me these wonderful soft "pets" while nursing but they are just as likely to be on my tummy or arms as by breasts. How sweet.
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    Default Re: showing affection to breasts?

    yes, DD has given my breasts kisses and hugs and "soft pats." When she sees cow's milk at the store she says 'mama breast! good! other side' and then pats my breast.
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    Default Re: showing affection to breasts?

    When I ask for kisses, if my breasts are anywhere close to accessible, Mollie will kiss the top of each breast, lay her face on my chest and say "ni ni", patting them the whole time.
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    Talking Re: showing affection to breasts?

    All my babies were like that! Each baby had nicknames for them. One asked for jug when hungry, one said teat, the little one says titter. It never bothered me, just all my special moments with them.

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