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Thread: Biting/Self Weaning???

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    Hi everyone! I'm in a bit of a pickle so to speak. My son is 11 months old (at 10 months he was 18 pounds and 28 inches, haven't weighed him since) and I'm still BF (or trying to) 4 times a day-first thing in the morning, after both naps, and before bed. About 4 months ago he bit me while nursing for the first time. After a loud, "no biting" and a mean face, he hadn't bitten me again. Until last week. Now, at least once a day he bites, to the point where he isn't nursing. He will always take the first feeding in the morning but everything goes down hill from there. Sometimes he'll nurse after his morning nap and afternoon nap fine but other days as soon as I offer my breast, he bites. Or he'll nurse on one side and when he's done, he'll bite me. When I switch sides he does the same thing. He's making a game out of it I think. Today when I tried to nurse him after nap, he bit me and gave me his "I did something funny" smile! I put him on the floor and said, "no biting", he looked at me and crawled away. **I read in "The Womanly Art..." book that one mom put her son down on the floor everytime he bit her and that made him stop. I've tried that the last few days but he just crawls away; he doesn't care that he's not getting nursed! He hasn't nursed at all the past three nights before bed. He either starts sucking and then does this biting thing or he arches his back away and refuses. Is he self weaning?? If so, what should I do to relplace his milk intake. I tried pumping after his nap when he bit me but I only got an ounce. Is it too early to start him on cow's milk? I hate to start formula for ONE month! I was planning to wean him at 12 months anyway because, frankly, I'm tired of this nonsense. It's been going on two weeks almost. Please help!
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    My first thought is teeth. They hurt and they make some lo's bite. DS was a persistent biter, but I was a persistent momma and we made it through. And yes, he did the same thing about just crawling away. 11 months is a really typical age for lo's to start being more interested in the world around them than nursing. If you play close attention, you can see a slight jaw change right before they bite. You might also take him off before he bites (when he's still nursing well) and ask if he's done or wants more. I found that helpful sometimes.
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    What you are describing sounds pretty normal to me, as far as him seeming to be nursing less and not as interested. Around 9MO, DD2 started seeming to hardly nurse at all, but after about a year she started nursing more and asking for it more. Have you thought about going to nursing on-demand and offering more during the day? This will probably help keep your supply up and my guess is you will also discover how much he is attached to nursing and does still need it.

    As far as the biting, I think you are doing the right thing. Babies have to actually change the entire position of their jaw and mouth in order to bite, so you should be able to see it coming and take him off before he hurts you. Maybe don't make too big of a deal about it, and just take him off. You may be right that he thinks it's a funny game, and if that's the case the best thing to do is to completely ignore it, don't give him any reaction...maybe just a soft, "uh-oh, all done."

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