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Thread: Her new teeth are hurting me.

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    Unhappy Her new teeth are hurting me.

    I would really appreciate any advice you can give me. My daughter who is just a few days off seven months has recently gained a top and a botton tooth which are lovely and sharp!
    The problem is she is really hurting me with them and I just don't know what to do. She isn't biting me. Her bottom tooth is just digging in to me as she feeds and I don't understand why.
    Surely her tongue is meant to be between her tooth and me when she is latched on right? Does that mean her latch has been wrong since birth and I never noticed? If that's the case how do I correct the latch of a seven month old?
    To make it worse when she finishes a feed or suddenly gets distracted she keeps pulling her head away without even opening her mouth and it really hurts.
    I've tried anticipating this and removing her first, but this generally ends up hurting me too, because when I go to instert a little finger in her moth to break the suction she's started clamping down hard with both her little teeth.
    It's 5am here and I'm up writing this because I feel quite deperate now. I just fed her an hour ago, we were snuggled up in bed sleeping like we usually do and she woke me up by pulling her head away at the end of the feed with her teeth clamped down.
    I just want to cry, because I actually feel afraid of the next feed!

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    Default Re: Her new teeth are hurting me.

    I can't help but thought I would bump up your post for you
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    Default Re: Her new teeth are hurting me.

    i'm having the same trouble and, at 9months, am already thinking of weaning her. breastfeeding used to be a joy, now it's so painful that i dread it and i'm starting to resent it.

    there has to be somebody out there with experience with this?

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    Default Re: Her new teeth are hurting me.

    Dear Mothers,
    You are not alone in this new phase of breastfeeding. Babies who clamp down with their teeth or who pull away from the breast while clamping down have been age old problems.
    When this happened to me I looked my baby straight in the eye and said, "knock it off!" ,"Cut it out!" "Do not bite me!"
    The little one got the message loud and clear. Yes there was some tears and frustration but in a very short time, like 24 hours, the behavior was abolished.
    For me, this was the beginning of loving discipline. I enjoyed extended breastfeeding with each of my children. Some of whom nursed well into toddlerhood. Breasts are for nursing not biting. Sometimes I had to take responsibility and re-check my positioning. I needed to support my breast while the child nursed to keep the breast tissue comfortably positioned in the baby's mouth.
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    Default Re: Her new teeth are hurting me.

    This happened to me with DD2 and I would take her off the breast and see two teeth marks (her top teeth). What helped me was going back to the basics and making sure she was pulled close to me, that there was a good amount of my breast in her mouth, etc.

    I am also curious why the bottom teeth would be leaving marks, but try pulling baby closer to breast and see if that doesn't help.

    I hope you get some more advice and anwers!

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    Default Re: Her new teeth are hurting me.

    Oh, one thing I just thought of...if tongue is not going over bottom teeth, it *could* be that baby is tongue tied and it has just not been an issue so far. It may be worth having a lactation consultant check out the baby for tongue tie. If that's what it is, it can be easily fixed.

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    Default Re: Her new teeth are hurting me.

    Top teeth coming in HURT!! I think the nipple actually adjusts to it, casue I STILL have 2 top teeth marks after she nurses but ZERO pain, but when those teeth were coming in..OUCH!!!

    I have had to firmly say "NO BITE!" and pull DD off me a few times, and she cried and was upset but wouldnt bite again! Dont be afraid to let her know it is NOT ok to bite down, or even pull off.

    hang in there...
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    Default Re: Her new teeth are hurting me.

    We had the exact same thing at 9 months. It was really horrible, I was dreading each nursing. After each nursing I would say - this is it, I don't want to nurse anymore! It lasted for 2 weeks. There were times when I just would not do it, would pump and my husband would give our son a bottle. And I would always push his head into the boob and take him off and not nurse, there would be tears... all that fun stuff
    Then there was the time when I was nursing him, he, as usual bit me in the beginning, I kept nursing him and crying, then he finally was done, my husband came in the room and saw my boob, literally, with the blood running down. He took our son and said - this is it, no more nursing, period, this is just horrible!
    This was the very last time the baby bit me. I don't know if he understood or what not, but that was it. Now, 3 months later, every now and again he will scrape a tooth over a nipple, but very very rarely and its not really bad at all.
    So... Good luck!!!!!! I think it will get better, and I really, REALLY really feel your pain ;(
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    Default Re: Her new teeth are hurting me.

    I am having the exact same issue but it has been going on for 2 weeks and my nipples cant handle the pain . I have been applying Lansinoh but they are not healing and each feeding is more painful than the previous one. I really think this is it for me . I will possible try some of the suggestions but not now im in too much pain .
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    Default Re: Her new teeth are hurting me.

    with PPs. Whether the problem is purposeful biting or a lazy latch that's causing teeth to dig in while they nurse, the solution is the same: You have to take the baby off the breast if they aren't latching right, and then try again in a few minutes. It can be very hard and frustrating. Joe went through a biting stage that left my nipples raw and bleeding! But he was only six months old at that time (he got teeth early), so I stuck it out, and of course I'm glad I did - we've now been nursing 22 months, and that bad week or two is a distant memory! So hang in there, but be consistent. You don't have to put up with a baby who bites in order to keep breastfeeding.

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