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Thread: Right breast really tender

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    Default Right breast really tender

    Out of nowhere earlier my right breast became really tender. It feels like it's bruised, but doesn't look like it. My daughter is 6 months old tomorrow and I have never had any problems (except in the beginning sore nipples) so I'm not sure what it is. I'm thinking mastitis, but not really sure what the symptoms are with that. Any suggestions?

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    My first thought is plugged duct. Is it sore in one spot? Do you feel any lumps? I would try alternating hot and cold compresses. Do hot for 15 minutes before nursing and then cold after nursing.
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    I had the same feeling a few times, and it always happened after I ended up sleeping on my stomach while engorged (LO was starting to STTN). I thought it might be a clogged duct, but there were no lumps or hot spots. It ended up just going away like if I had pulled a muscle.

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    yup I took any breast or nipple pain as a good excuse to slow down and take care of myself. Get lots of rest over the week end.


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    You may have a clogged duct or early stages of mastitis, but if you don't have a fever or flu symptoms, you can probably nip it in the bud at home. Take lots of warm baths, massage that breast, and nurse, nurse, nurse! The link above is good - go check it out and follow those instructions!

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