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Thread: "meaty" smelling and tasting milk

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*firefly View Post
    I'm SO glad to see this! I've been dealing with this over the last week or so, and thought it was weird that mine didn't smell soapy. It smells/tastes sort of like protein and digestion after a while. Kind of vomity but also the protein part. Weird.

    My fresh milk is nice and normal, but I've experimented (which sucks because I do NOT have a great supply) and found that it starts getting nasty after about an hour on the counter and about 4 hours in the fridge. I'm going to have to see what happens if I freeze straight away. I've been scalding, even though my daughter will take the nasty milk...I just feel sort of guilty giving her something so gross
    I found that if I freeze mine right away, it doesn't change to the nasty smelling/tasting stuff. I have been pulling random bags from my stash that I started in January and thawing them out just to check, and it's all been OK.

    Some babies don't care if it's icky or not, particularly if that's what they have been getting all along. So if you don't have to scald, don't. And don't feel bad if you do scald...it's better than formula, and it's not all bad.
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    Default Re: "meaty" smelling and tasting milk

    I don't think it's Lipase. I think it's normal. It's human tissue. I always thought mine tasted a little "gamey" after being out for a couple of hours or in the fridge for a bit...but he still ate it fine. But It think it got that way because that's what it is.....human tissue.

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