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Thread: Trip away from nursing toddler

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    Default Trip away from nursing toddler

    Hi all -
    I will be joining my dh for a few days in NYC at the beginning of April, and our (will then be) 14 month old is going to stay with my parents. She is nursing probably every 3 hours or so during the day when I'm at home with her, and usually sleeps 10-11 hours at night w/o nursing. So I'd say she nurses probably an average of 6 times/day. She also eats breakfast/lunch/dinner and a snack or two. I stay at home most days, but work out of the home part-time a few times a week, for 4-6 hours at a time. During those times, she doesn't usually have any breastmilk, just solids/water/etc. I've left her BM, and dh has offered it, but she has been pretty indifferent, maybe drinking an ounce or two but preferring to wait til I return home.

    She has struggled with constipation on and off ever since we introduced solids around 7 months, so she doesn't eat much dairy as I've been afraid it would stop her up. She hasn't had any cow's milk other than a bit on cold cereal for breakfast.

    My question is, how much BM do you think I should leave with her while I'm gone? I'll be leaving Friday afternoon and returning Monday afternoon, so 3 full days. I have no idea how much BM she'll want to drink when I'm not with her...and I'm nervous that she won't be getting enough fats from her diet without BM.

    I know she will be fine as my parents watch her once a week already while I'm working, and she totally adores them, so I'm not worried about that aspect. The whole nursing/being away thing is kind of stressing me out, though! I'd appreciate any advice you all have.

    ETA: I'd also appreciate any reassurance that she probably won't wean while I'm away...I figure at this point my supply is established enough and we've been nursing long enough that 3 days apart isn't going to totally end our nursing relationship, right? I do plan on taking my pump to keep my supply up and keep me from getting super engorged.
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    Default Re: Trip away from nursing toddler

    do you have any supply in the freezer of fridge? I am not sure what a nursing toddler needs...but if you have enough milk to leave a few bottles or cups each day, that should be good till you get back. Does she take EBM from anyone??
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    Default Re: Trip away from nursing toddler

    Hi!!! I have a almost 18 month old who I left to go on a 3 day trip in January.
    He certainly didn't wean!!! I came home and he was all about the "duhdu's!" He stayed with grandma : )
    We sound a lot like you.. nurse every 3-4 hours during the day with meals and snacks. I had a huge freezer stash so I didn't really stress about leaving enough milk, so with that.. well.. i'm not exactly sure. I do work full time. And he usually takes about 3 bottles between 9am-9pm. 3 bottles of 4-6 oz each.
    I think he took 5 bottles a day while we were gone. Hope this helps!!!!!

    Good luck momma : )
    It'll be stressful but it'll be a nice little break. I flew on my trip.. are you flying? I used the minifride in our hotel room and brought along coolers, freezeable packs, and 2 coolers to bring my milk home in. I froze it in the mini fridge compartment. I packed my milk in the coolers and checked it in my luggage and it was fine from noon to 2 am flying. I took my Medela Pump In Style and pumped in our hotel room in between sight seeing stuff and I even pumped in the airport a few times while we were in between flights. I just brought my nursing cape and pumped in the ladies room (couldn't find anywhere else better with a plug in lol. I used the battery pack and pumped in our rental car once too.

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    My husband and I went on a week long trip when our son was 11 months. I pumped for 2 months an extra time a day to make sure I left enough milk for him, he nurses about 5-6 times a day, and my parents were giving him bottles - and he did great! I was worried that he would wean while I was away, but nothing even close to that - as soon as he saw me, he went straight for the boobies! It was wonderful to reconnect like that instantly.

    Now, my biggest problem was pumping (and, sigh, dumping ) the entire time I was away. It was very annoying, and I ended up getting an engorged boob for about 4 last days. However, kidlet cleared it immediately - I was feeling great right after he nursed.
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    Default Re: Trip away from nursing toddler

    Thanks everyone for your words of advice and reassurance! I don't have much of a BM stash in the freezer right now. In fact I had pretty much stopped pumping the last couple months, because I am never away from DD for more than 6 hrs at a time (only once/week), and she just wasn't too interested in the milk during that time anyway, so I just stopped pumping. Since finding out I'd be going on this trip, I've been pumping once a day again the past few days, and I have about 11 oz. in the freezer now. I am sure I can get enough in the next three weeks to leave with her that she'll be fine.

    I appreciate the reassurance - I know she is old enough that "most" people think it'd be no big deal if she weaned, but I'd be heartbroken (and I think she would too)!

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