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Thread: Reflux medicine, feeding habits, and weight gain

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    Default Reflux medicine, feeding habits, and weight gain

    I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar to my current scenario: My son (now 14 weeks) was showing signs of reflux at 6 weeks (projectile vomiting, refusal to eat) but had been gaining weight really well and having the normal urine/feces outputs. The doctor started him on tagamet at 7 weeks and the symptoms resolved. However, his weight gain has slowed dramatically since he went on the medicine (he gained 5lbs in the first 8 weeks and has only gained 1.5lbs in the past 5 weeks). I breastfeed exclusively, feed him whenever he is hungry, and his outputs are still normal (although his poop is stinkier). I don't think it's my milk supply, although he does eat a little faster now (10min/boob as opposed to 20min/boob in earlier weeks). So, I'm starting to think the medicine is reducing his absorption of the milk/nutrients.

    Just curious if anyone has experienced the same or seen research related to this. I'm tempted to take him off the meds and just try to deal with the reflux issues (I hate having him on meds anyhow). He has an appt next week, but I'm concerned they will suggest supplementing with formula which I don't think is the answer.

    Thanks in advance... I'm the only breastfeeder in my family/friends so it's hard to find support without the usual "Well you don't know how much food he is getting".

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    How often is your LO nursing? What is his weight now?

    Nursing has an analgesic effect for babies. If he was in pain before the medication, is there any possibility that he has simply slowed his overall intake because he is no longer in pain? Unless there is some significant weight LOSS, feeding aversion, reduction in output or other significant medical reason there is rarely a need to worry about slow weight gain, as infants go through many cycles of growth spurts and lulls. Overall well being is a better indicator of good health than weight alone. And remember that, if you don't believe formula is needed, then you have no reason for concern if they bring it up at the pedi's office -- the decision is up to you, not them.
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    Default Re: Reflux medicine, feeding habits, and weight gain

    He left the hospital at 8lbs 2oz and is now 14lbs. I think he is generally happy and eats about every three hours during the day (sometimes one breast, sometimes two). He did start sleeping through the night at 10 weeks, so he's been skipping a feeding or two that he would have had in earlier weeks. Maybe he was overeating before?

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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