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Thread: Will she ever catch on

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    Default Will she ever catch on

    My 35 weeker is now 3 weeks old. She has always had a hard time latching but once we started using a nipple shield she got a little better. Now she has times where she will get so frustrated that she won't latch even with the nipple shield and due to weight she HAS to have a bottle of expressed milk. I really want to EBF. How do I get her to do this

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    Hi mama!

    It can sometimes take a preemie a little longer to be comfy at the breast than their full term peers. Usually around to their dude date. Why this is, I don't know, but in our case it was absolutely true.

    Have you checked out the preemie forum here? There is probably a lot of good tips in some of those threads that can help.

    What I did in the beginning until he became a great latcher/feeder was a TON of kangaroo care, we took baths together, I was shirtless like ALL the time, and basically I just tried to make the breast the most comfortable natural environment that I could. Sometimes he would creep over and try to latch on his own, sometimes not, but I always had him there in case he wanted to try.

    After he did transition to the breast, we didn't really have a problem with nipple confusion either. It was a pretty smooth transition.

    You'll get there mama. And your LO will get there. It can just take a little more time.
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