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    My baby is 10wks old and breastfeeds very well, no problems with actual nursing. I just returned to work part-time, though (12hour night shifts 2 nights a week) and pump every 3-4 hours. The first few times I got about 4oz from each breast at each session. Yesterday and today, though, I'm having a harder time getting anything. I pumped for 30minutes earlier, got 4oz from the right breast, and, maybe, 1oz from the left. What's going on? Any advise?

    I tried bringing a onesie & looking at pictures....

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    hats off for making the decision to pump at work and continue with bf'ing! you're doing a wonderful job, mama. and congrats on the 4oz, that is actually a good pumping output!

    most women do NOT respond to pumping the same way they respond while nursing. meaning, baby usually gets more during a nursing session than you will get during a pumping session.

    here is a link with more information about what to expect in terms of pumping output:


    also, there is an entire subforum on the boards that is dedicated to pumping. here is the link: http://forums.llli.org/forumdisplay.php?f=12
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    Excellent advice/links from PP. I will also add that it is normal for pump output to decrease throughout the day/night, with evenings being the lowest and mornings the highest. I'm assuming you are using a good double electric pump?
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    4oz is a lot. Really. I was happy if I got 2oz from one side. Basically you baby needs 1 - 1.5oz per hour you are away. As long as you have that at the end of the day you are doing just fine.
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    i work and pump nights as well.
    things to think about: how much is LO nursing when you are home? when dd is in a growth spurt she nurses like a maniac and my pumping output drops for a couple days
    make sure you are eating and drinkig enough at work, which can be tough to do some nights
    great job mama!
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