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Thread: stomache flu and no milk?

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    need some help! I came down w the stomache flu subday nigth and mastitis kickied in at same time. I fed 6 month old baby Sunday throuhou the nigtht. I got extremely dehydrated. went to dr, got meds for naussiosness and augmentin for mastitis. I have not been eating much, but have been drinking. I work so baby went on to daycare hile i was sick. I punped twice on monday and 3 times on tuesday, but did got only a few ounces. baby ate solids at night and nursed. seemed to do ok. at work today I pumped my normal 3 X and got barely 4 oz when i usualy get 12. at night feeding baby screamed and I had too give a bottle. my breasts evev feel different. Where did my milk go? is it temperary? Can I get it back? thanks for your help.

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    Sorry about the stomach flu! Illness, particularly illness combined with dehydration, can cause a drop in supply. Whether or not that decrease is temporary is in part up to nature- many moms see a rebound as soon as the illness passes- and in part up to you and your baby. If you're home with your baby, you can generally rely on him to nurse frequently and thereby increase your supply back up to where it needs to be. If you're working, you have to mimic that feeding pattern using the pump, pumping more often and for longer time periods than you ordinarily would.

    This is my go-to link for troubleshooting pumping issues: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

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