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Thread: Need a little reassurance

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    Hi ladies,

    I have a beautiful DD who will be 1 in a week and a half. We have breastfed the whole time; she was supplemented in the beginning (extreme blood loss had my milk nowhere to be found, and she was jaundiced, etc.) but with much hard work we booted the formula and got on boob only after a week or so.

    She has had one bottle of formula since, about a month ago (food poisoning had my supply tanking with no back up in the freezer, and after a straight week of her nursing every hour at night I gave in...I just had nothing. We're pretty much back on track and haven't had to supplement since.)

    I also have watched my supply drop as the months have continued; I have PCOS and got my period back at 4 months PP and every cycle I seem to be able to pump a little less at work. I've been worried that she's not getting enough the past few months; she's been night waking more frequently than before. But I know a gazillion things can contribute to night waking.

    I pump anywhere from 6 to 10 ozs at work, depending on the day/place in my cycle. With solids, I know this should be fine...she's hit an miss on the solids, but is slowly getting better with eating. When I'm home with her, I nurse, and she *seems* satisfied, but she was also never one to really get super cranky if hungry, so it's tough to know for sure.

    All this to ask about weight gain. When I took her to the doc for her 9 month checkup in early January, she was 20lbs 10oz. Right in the middle, percentile-wise. I took her in today because she has, it turns out, RSV (poor lamb!) and she weighed 20lbs 13oz.

    I'm a little freaked that in two months she only gained 3ozs! Is this normal? I'm going by when she was smaller, and they looked for so many ozs/week, etc. That, combined with my worry over my seemingly dwindling supply, has me worried she's not getting enough.

    Do any of you ladies have input? Sheesh, you think it gets easier after they hit a year but I'm fretting like I was in the first few weeks! (And oh, I'm a first time mom, if you couldn't tell )

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Between 9 and 12 months they are getting so active with crawling and learning to walk that most baby's growth will slow way down. Her weight seems great to me. If she seems satisfied with nursing, then things are likely okay. What did your ped say?

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    Thanks so much for replying! He didn't mention anything; we were just focused on treating the RSV (which, it turns out, there isn't a heckuva lot you can do.) He has mentioned, in the past, that they just like to see a nice, natural curve on the growth chart. So as long as she didn't have a significant drop and her weight was in line with her own personal growth curve, they didn't worry. I guess I'll talk to him about it at her 1 year check up, which is in three weeks. All other signs point to her being fine; she's bright, happy, meeting milestones, and has plenty of wet/poopy diapers. So I guess I need to relax? But it's hard

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    :-) Sounds like she is doing just fine, especially considering she has been sick. Poor thing! I hope she feels better soon! For my own curiosity, what was her birth weight? We had a teeny tiny girl at 5 lbs 15 ounces and her 12 month weight was only 17 lbs 14 ounces. :-( So, I am jealous of your DD's weight!

    I would work on nursing DD as often as possible (without obsessing) to help her gain some weight and see what happens at her 12 month appointment. Even if her weight gain is slow at that point, I would still think her activity might be contributing. Of course, I tell YOU that when I do not take my own advice. My biggest concern right now for my DD is her weight. I keep telling myself that it is due to her chronic ear infections and once the tubes are placed things will get better. HOPEFULLY!

    Best of luck.

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    A lot of babies stall out at around 20 lbs, esp if they hit that around the same time they start crawling and being generally more active. Her true weight is probably a bit higher, b/c she likely lost a couple of oz of water weight when she got sick - which is also normal. I'd bet you she will have gained 2-3 oz if you go in for a recheck visit (which I wouldn't do just for the weight, but only if your pedi wants it).
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    I'm thinking she might have gained more, but then lost a little because she is sick!!

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    Thank you again, ladies!

    momcbs, she was 8.7 at birth, so definitely bigger. She shot up in weight the first 6-8 moths, then seemed to level off. And as a side note, she had terrible constant ear infections. She had tubes placed about two months ago and hasn't had one since! It's really made a difference, so I hope it helps your little one as well!

    Tonight I had to top her off with some left over milk from earlier in the day; I think my period is coming any day and I often run out, it seems, when it comes time to nurse her to sleep. It's SO frustrating, and keeps me worried about her weight and whether she's getting enough. Hopefully she'll pick back up on the solids and her weight gain will start up again. She's definitely more active, and on the verge of walking, so I'm sure she's using up what calories she is getting!

    Thanks again, ladies.

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