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Thread: Opinions Please!!

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    Due to being pregnant I am having to start offering more solids and have lots of questions since we have been doing very few. Any opinions or suggestions on how you prepare foods and what brands you are using would be great!!

    How do I incorporate prunes?

    What kind of oatmeal is best? (11 months)

    How do you serve chicken?

    Do you use oil when cooking your baby's food?

    How about butter?

    Breakfast ideas would be great too!!!

    I would love any recipes or ideas with high fiber foods!!!
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    dr sears has some good info on his web site about feeding kids and your family.


    at that age my kids were mostly self feeding table foods. that the rest of the family were eating.

    lots of good info here also:

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    I always just did as close to what we ate as possible, I'm lazy like that. For chicken or and meat I cooked it in broth or just water until it was really soft and shredded it. Fruits and veggies I mashed up raw or steamed and mashed them. I used a pastry cutter, it was super easy.
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