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Thread: Disney World and breastfeeding?

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    Default Disney World and breastfeeding?

    Hi all! My name is Jennifer, and I am still breastfeeding my 13 month old baby girl, Audrey. I also have a 6 year old daughter and a 2.5 yr old son. Audrey has just started sleeping through the night, so she isn't waking up 2-3 times a night to nurse any longer. We are currently nursing 4-5times a day. My question is...we have a family trip planned to DisneyWorld in April over the Easter holiday. How do I continue to breastfeed during our vacation? My in laws are not very understanding and tell me all the time that I need to quit breastfeeding, that Audrey is too old. I am so not ready to quit breastfeeding. This is the longest I have gone with breastfeeding. It is almost like a bond that I am just not willing to give up yet. I just don't know how I am going to breastfeed in front of my in laws, who are not supportive at all! Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    I could see this going one of two ways. Three really.

    1) Continue to breast feed as normal, without saying anything about it ahead of time. If comments are made to your face, either ignore them or say something to the tune of "this is our child and we will breast feed until we are both ready to quit. Probably some time before she graduates high school."

    2) Talk about it ahead of time.
    a) How supportive of extended breast feeding is your husband? If he is really on board (and I mean actively supportive, not "whatever you think is best dear" like mine is ), then it may be best for him to discuss it with them without your presence, as it is his parents. Arm him with the aap/who policies on extended breast feeding and its benefits.
    b) If he is either uncomfortable with or only lukewarm about your continued nursing, you may do this yourself. I'll leave it up to you how strongly you want to word it; I don't know the ins and outs of your relationship with them.

    What I WOULDN'T do is stop nursing on this vacation just to mollify them.
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    Smile Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    Husband is supportive of the extended breastfeeding. He is telling me not to worry about his parents. They are too nosy and put their noses where they don't belong a lot of the times. I, too, feel that I will be angry with myself if I stop nursing just to please them.

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    Default Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jenni7725 View Post
    Husband is supportive of the extended breastfeeding. He is telling me not to worry about his parents. They are too nosy and put their noses where they don't belong a lot of the times. I, too, feel that I will be angry with myself if I stop nursing just to please them.
    It's your every right to BF. If they say anything just tell them point blank that YOU are her mother, it's YOUR decision to BF, and that there is no rule that says when you have to wean. It's none of their business how you raise your child. Hell tell them that if they're that upset over it they're welcome NOT to come with you on the trip!
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    Default Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    Tell them the current aap and who recs and ignore them. You are doing what's best for you/your daughter. Have fun at Disney.
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    Default Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    My in laws are not supportive of breastfeeding either, ESPECIALLY past the age of one. They are nuts about it, in my opinion. The mistake I made with them was feeling uncomfortable nursing Lilah in front of them when she got to be around 18 months old or so. Lilah could tell that something was up, which actually made her want to nurse more than normal because she was feeling insecure because I was insecure. So, when Beatrix is that age I am just going to do what I usually do and not worry about it. They are the one with the problem, not me.

    You are not the one who has a problem, your in laws do. And if they are uncomfortable with it, they can just go somewhere else while you're nursing.

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    Default Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    I have no experience nursing after a year (or even after 2 months ) but I think it'd be helpful to mention how nursing calms her down, etc. I'd take a nursing toddler over a screaming one any day.

    And maybe you won't even do much nursing when you are out at the parks? Not sure how aware a 13 month old is, but I bet somewhere like Disney will be like WHOA and she probably won't be thinking much about nursing. So maybe it'll all happen when you guys are back at the hotel anyway?

    Does Disney have any special areas where moms can nurse? Maybe ask the Disney Mom's Panel? They seem to accommodate most everyone's needs, so it might be a possibility.

    Good luck! Have fun! I CANNOT wait until my son is old enough to go to Disney.

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    Default Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    I had a lot of luck with quoting the AAP/WHO's policies when curious friends asked. By the time she actually was two, she rarely was interested in nursing when we were on outings, so it didn't matter.

    As far as how MUCH she might want to nurse while you're there, that could go either way. You could end up feeling engorged from her being too distracted to nurse, OR she could want to be nursed all.the.time because it will certainly be chaotic and overwhelming. Do you own a baby carrier? Wearing your LO will not only simplify things by freeing your hands to tend to your other kids, but she could also nurse discreetly inside it. Heck, your ILs might not even know what's going on .

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    yup if you find an out of the way bench and get your back to them they will never figure thats what your doing.

    You could always leave the older ones with them and your hubby and take the baby back to the hotel for a break during the hotest part of the day.

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    Default Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    Each of the 4 parks has a Baby Care Center which includes a nursing room, they're air conditioned w/rocking chairs. The one at Animal Kingdom has little individual nursing rooms while the other 3 parks is a bigger room you share(empty alot of the time though), the lights are dim, a great place for you to escape w/DD. They are on the maps with a pacifier icon. The changing tables in these are nicer than those in the bathrooms & they also sell diapers & baby food.
    good luck & have fun!

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