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Thread: 20 weeks and still struggling with supply

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    Default 20 weeks and still struggling with supply

    So, it's been a while. Things were going sooooo good, then... whammo.... I dunno what's happening.

    LO is 20 weeks old now and I'm still struggling to keep up with her supply needs. She's been exclusively BF since I stopped supplementing formula around 6 weeks.

    Anyways, she is a whopping 14 lbs 8 oz now and the doc says she's doing great. (although he recommeded solids to ease my stress on the milk...)

    I was taking 3 Fenugreek, 4x a day but that got way too hard on me to keep up so I started taking 4 capsules 3x a day. That did wonders when I first did it, but then.... after about 2 weeks, it stopped having any effect that I can tell.

    I still pump a lot - but I dropped the pump on the way to work.... I will be picking it back up again tomorrow.

    I'm about 3oz short each day.

    Can I up the Fenugreek or drink tea too? I already drink about 4 24oz bottles of water every day. What else can I do?


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    Default Re: 20 weeks and still struggling with supply


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    Default Re: 20 weeks and still struggling with supply

    There are others things like dill, nettle, and blessed thistle you could try. Also you may try eating oatmeal everyday. It has helped me. Another suggestion I have is make sure you aren't dieting. When I don't eat enough my supply drops drastically.

    Here is a link to Dr. Sears that has some info and suggestions.

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