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Thread: Help increasing supply/what is Blessed Thistle?

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    Question Help increasing supply/what is Blessed Thistle?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and have already found lots of useful information. I'd like to know some way of increasing my milk supply. I pump most of the time and feed in a bottle to my 3 month old DD. I don't have the patience to breastfeed, since she eats in small amounts for an hour, and a few minutes later she wants to eat again, etc. I have a 2 year old DD who I have to take care of too, that's why I decided to EP. She does eat from my breast at night, and that's good, the problem is that lately I've been relaying so much on the frozen milk I had, that I started pumping less so now I'm not making that much milk anymore (and have no milk left in the freezer).
    I'm going to start taking fenugreek, but I also heared about Blessed Thistle and was wondering what it is, and if I can take it at the same time with the fenugreek, and in what dosages. I'd also like to hear all your suggestions, I'll try anything at this point. Thank you so much everyone!!

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    Check out Kellymom.com great info in herbs and BF.


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