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Thread: Need alternative to breast for naps!

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    Default Need alternative to breast for naps!

    I am a SAHM who has been breastfeeding my daughter for 5 full months. I'm having a problem with family (even my HUSBAND) watching her when I am not around because I am the only one who can console her when she is fussy or when she needs a nap.

    She can be screaming her head off in DH's arms, but the moment I hold her, she stops. She won't take a bottle when she is like this. BFing seems to be the only thing to help or put her to sleep.

    I am getting lots of eye-rolling from certain family members because of the situation.

    Does anyone have suggestions for other family members consoling LO?

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    Default Re: Need alternative to breast for naps!

    I don't know if I have any useful advice but just since I had the same problem...it comes and goes. The way I see it, I'm a SAHM too, and my baby gets comfort and interaction with me all day long (and all night long come to think of it), she is just very used to me, it must be hard for her to accept something different.

    I dealt with the issue by nursing her, putting her down for her nap, and then leaving asap to do whatever while husband or family watches her while she sleeps. Usually once I was already gone, things weren't so bad (she knew I wasn't around, so no alternative), plus she was already full and rested.

    I was just wondering, do you really have a problem with the situation? Or is it just family members and husband pressuring you about it? If you are happy and baby is happy then don't mess with it.Tell the family members she will come around when she's ready. If you're not happy, then I'm sure you'll find a solution here!!
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    Default Re: Need alternative to breast for naps!

    Thank you. It is more of the family that has a problem with the situation than me.

    However, there are times when I have commitments outside of the home and she has to be watched by DH or SIL and they both have to contend with my little screaming darling.

    I hope this is something she will grow out of.

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