I am wondering about weight gain for an infant and what's ok/not ok. My dd is 5 months old, but doesn't seem to have gained much weight since she was 3 months, when I went back to work. At 3 months she was weighed by an IBCLC and was 13lbs 7oz. At 4 months at her WBV, she was 13lbs 12.5oz. I've been weighing her on our home scale just to see if she's gaining and she hasn't gained since 4 months. She was born at 7lbs exactly, so she was previously gaining very well and I was not encouraged to see that her weight had suddenly dropped off. Ped said she's still on the same growth curve, and all he knew was that she gained since 2 months, so he wasn't worried.

I know babies' weight gain slows when they become mobile, but she's not very mobile yet. During the day (I'm away for 10hrs) she doesn't eat much (bottle aversion) - at most 8oz, at worst 2oz - and at night, I really try to make up for it. I get home at 5:30, nurse her 2-3 times before she sleeps at 7, each time about 5-10m. We bedshare and I lose count of how many times she eats, but I believe it's at least every 1-2 hours, sometimes more often.

She is having sufficient poops and pees - poops at least once a day, and has heavy pee diapers, especially at night. She's developing otherwise - starting to roll over, starting to try to get up on her knees, vocalizing with new sounds, etc. - so I'm wondering, if baby is doing well in all areas except weight gain, is slow weight gain okay around 3-5 months?