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    I have a 6 week old and work weekends. I work 12 hour shifts on Sat and Sun. I started back last weekend and was only able to pump a couple times. I take care of sick children in their homes and can't leave them alone and many times the families are in and out all day long. The laws I don't think protect me as far as getting pumping time in. My question is I can probably get a family member to watch the child once during my shift so is it better to pump once for a long period of time like 20 minutes or should I just hand express each time I use the restroom?? Even though I will only beable to hand express or bring a manual pump to the bathroom with me and only get like 5 minutes in. What would you do in this situation. I can pump during the week and get pretty close to what I will need for the baby on the weekends so I don't need that milk but I don't want my supply to drop. Thanks

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    In my experience it's best to pump for a little bit more often that one large go I only have ten minutes in between my classes and use 5 to pump with my hand pump. The key is to remove milk often; then your body will make more to replace it.

    Whenever you pump, electric or manual, do breast compressions to maximize the amount expressed AND get more out in less time.

    At home with my parents, I'd pump in the same room as them lol. I would just go on my laptop and kind of hide behind that. If you wear a nursing cami, you really don't see anything. Not sure if that is any possibility (or even legal) but I thought I'd throw it out there. Not sure if that makes me crazy or indecent for doing that. . .sounds a little sketch in writing lol.

    Good luck!

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    thank you. I will have to see if I can just hand pump under a nursing cover even if its just for a few min at a time. How often should I pump if im just pumping for 5 minutes at a time? Every 3 hours? Would that be enough?

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