I was looking for a recipe for anti-candida tea. I contains Pau D'arco, burdock and lemongrass. I was just wondering if anyone had any other dietary suggestions for killing yeast. I know no carbs or refined sugars and probiotics are good but does anyone have any other natural ways to help with yeast? I am very prone to yeast and am bfing my 3 week old and noticed he has a white spot in his mouth. I also feel it in my right nipple. I am treating him with nystatin and myself with lotrimin to start as rec by my lc. With my 15 month old I used gentian violet and gse with no luck and was told by my lc that a recent study showed that gse is actually effective because of the residual disinfectant that they use during the processing of the seeds so I am not wanting to use that. Any info would be helpful, I am familiar with the kelly mom site already and they have tons of good info but also looking for anything new that has worked for someone. I had to stop bfing my 15 month old at 8 months bc of chronic sore nipples and I never really properly treated them or followed through. I DO NOT want to endure sore nipples with this baby too so I am willing to make the necessary changes to avoid that! Any info would be appreciated!