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Thread: clogged duct - tried everything

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    Default clogged duct - tried everything

    I'm new to La Leche League. First time posting. No local chapter or much support. I'm a busy working mom/student, and I need to get a severely clogged duct unclogged! I can't focus on studying, and I'm in serious need of help. I've tried everything the lactation consultant has recommended. Is there anything out of the box I can do?

    I've done hot compresses, hot shower, massage, vibration from Sonicare toothbrush, constant pumping, nursing on that side. The clog seems to be growing, and my breast is hurting!

    I have a prophylactic prescription, and I just sent my husband back to the store for some lecithin.

    Is there anything else I can try? I've literally tried it all. Oh, even nursing on all fours! Which was awkward, but I didn't care. Not only did it not work - my three-month old just found it hilarious and giggled at me most of the time.

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    Default Re: clogged duct - tried everything

    your doing the right things..
    I know it sounds odd but is your hubby willing to help you out?

    IF you start running a fever you might need an anti-botic.


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    Well, he's agreed, because I am desperate. Can't say he's super excited about it, but the clogged duct is literally the size of the top of my breast now. It's huge! I'm totally desperate, and I'm starting to get nervous!

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