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Thread: Deformed nipple- need help!

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    Exclamation Deformed nipple- need help!

    I had surgery to remOve a benign lump after weaning my dd 18 mos ago. DS was born five days ago and have been having lots of problems feeding on that side. The nipple is quite shallow/short and there is a thumb size indentation in the aereola. As a result, it has been difficult to get him to feed on that side at all, maybe every third or fourth feed, and even when he does it is never with a good latch. I'm now getting lumps in the breast, which has been engorged. We got a pump today to see if it might help draw out the nipple, but the first try with that has made me pessimistic. I'm going to try to see a doc about the lumps, but I'm hoping someone here might have some info on weaning off one breast only and feeding one breast only, or any other kind of help to offer.

    Thanks so much!
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    Welcome, and sorry to hear you've hit a bump in the breastfeeding road! You should be able to transition to using mostly or exclusively 1 breast in the following way:
    1. Always offer the preferred breast first.
    2. Pump the preferred breast after feedings.
    Basically, it's the reverse of what you'd do if you wanted to correct a problem with lopsidedness.

    The only things I'd encourage you to do are:
    1. Try a better pump and make sure your shields are fitting correctly- a weak pump and a bad fit to your shields could explain why you're getting engorged.
    2. Consider continuing to nurse on that side. As the baby gets bigger and stronger, he may be able to latch on the operated-on side and get better results than he's getting now, with his tiny newborn mouth.
    3. Check out this website for moms who are nursing after breast surgeries: http://bfar.org/ Hopefully there's helpful info there!
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    Im not sure if this would help, but maybe a nipple shield on that side will make nursing easier for LO until he gets bigger and able to nurse w.o it?

    Agree with PP about getting a better pump, renting a hospital grade pump is the best!

    Have you contacted your local LLL leader? If you attend a meeting they can watch your LO nurse and maybe have ideas for your effected side.
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    Default Re: Deformed nipple- need help!

    5 days is pretty young too.. Give him some time to figure it out...
    Was he born early?

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    Thanks for the advice. We saw an LC today and were able to get him latched on using a nipple shield. Theres not a lot coming out but he was definitely swallowing. LC was confident that would improve with time as he continues to drain the breast and loosen up the lumps. Also very encouraged by the visit to the Pediatrician visit today when we found out he'd gained 4 oz in the two days we've been home from the hospital in spite of everything. The ped was very supportive too and didn't think it would be a problem even if I had to use just one breAst since the production there seems sufficient.
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