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Thread: Help! Returned to work and baby won't take bottle

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    Default Help! Returned to work and baby won't take bottle

    Hello all. My 6 month old son (4 1/2 months adjusted for prematurity) is refusing to take the bottle. I returned to work yesterday and am stressing out that he is not drinking all day long. I dream fed him when i got home last night and then he woke to feed at 130a and 500a.

    Just a little background - born 6 weeks premature, in NICU for a week. Bottle fed in NICU. Transitioned to exclusively breastfed over a 2 week period after I brought him home. Reintroduced bottle at about 6 weeks but a few days later, he began having fits at the breast, so I stopped the bottle until breastfeeding normalized. He took the bottle again for a short while and then started to refuse.

    For the past 2 months, we've tried different bottles, nipples, etc; have had others (dad, nanny) try and I've made sure to leave the house. We've tried warm breastmilk, even warmer breastmilk and cold breastmilk. He is just a stubborn little dude who knows what he likes. I started him on cereal and he enjoys it so I told the nanny to use a lot of milk and spoon feed...but obviously, this isn't the ideal way for him to get milk.

    I was told to try a sippy cup but wasn't sure what brand/type would be appropriate for him. Any thoughts or suggestions or guidance and support would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help! Returned to work and baby won't take bottle

    I feel your pain. My LO won't take a bottle, either. Fortunately, I only work intermittently/part-time, so it's not a huge issue. DD (almost 6 months) gets spoon fed a few ounces when I am gone (up to 7 hours) and then nurses like crazy when I get home. I had the same issue where she took the bottle when she was a newborn, but then didn't have one for a while and then refused it when we tried to re-introduce it.

    Some ladies on here recommended I try a Doidy cup. I haven't yet, but you might want to look into it. Cup feeding is basically like spoon feeding, but maybe a little quicker and neater. There are videos on youtube that make it look super easy. I'm told my daughter likes to try to "help" spoon feed herself her milk, which is fun, but pretty messy. If you can find a system that works and the nanny will agree to, there is no fundamental reason your baby needs to have a bottle. It's certainly faster/easier/cleaner for the caregiver, but there are other methods that may work. Have you tried a breastmilk slushy? My LO doesn't like it, but yours might. It might make spoon feeding a little easier.

    Good luck. Returning to work is stressful enough without having to worry about your baby starving in your absence. Make sure you're nursing extra at home until you know she is definitely eating enough while you're gone.

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    Default Re: Help! Returned to work and baby won't take bottle

    Have you tried the Playtex nurser original? Its a drop in bottle that works wonders! My little boy wouldn't take any bottle when we first brought him home, we tried Dr. Brown bottles, Advent bottles, etc, you name it WE tried it and then finally we bought a Playtex bottle and that night my hubby tried it and sure enough Alec LOVED it, he wanted a nipple that was close to the shape of my breast and he latched on perfectly, ever since we've not had any issues! Hope this helps ya!
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    Default Re: Help! Returned to work and baby won't take bottle

    Some babies also have a strong preference for latex vs silicone, so if you've only tried one, try the other.
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