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    My DS is 4 months old and I just bought my first pump and I just got the Medela Harmony hand pump.

    I borrowed a pump from the hospital the first few weeks, and then borrowed a PIS from a good friend after that because I had issues with oversupply and mastitis and had to EP for a week because of a medicine I was on. Anyway, I am getting ready to move, so I had to return her pump to her and made the decision to get just a hand pump because I only need to pump occasionally.

    I got it in the mail and just tried it out - I don't think it's easy to use at all! I think the handle is awkward to hold and I certainly don't see myself being able to pump with one hand...

    Does anyone else have this pump?? Is there some trick I am missing??
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    I got this pump too because I'm off work until LO is 5 months old and only need to pump occasionally. I only used it once and couldn't keep using it. My hand got too tired.

    Since you don't need to express regularly, have you considered hand expressing? Google it and you will find videos. I have a double electric pump ( Medela pump in style... Which I need for when I go back to work) and when I pumped for 20-30 mins during my second month, I would only get 1-2 ounces. Instead, I hand express now when I need to... For 5-10 mins after feeding and I get an ounce or so. And, no pumping parts to wash !!! Bonus !!!

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    i have one as a back up and it was useful when the power was out...
    i also use it when i am getting too much oversupply because i get tired and pump way less than my double electric
    also bringing it with me on vacation to help deal with the oversupply even though LO will be with me the entire time
    has it's place and easier than hand expressing
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    I have one that I use as back up and for travel. It works well for me, but I didn't like the soft fit horns that came with it. I just use my regular ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*bbbsmama View Post

    Since you don't need to express regularly, have you considered hand expressing? Google it and you will find videos.
    aka "The Marmet Technique"

    i didn't use the Harmony, rather i had the Avent Isis. i love that little pump. my hands/forearm got tired at first too, but then i grew accustomed to it. i would do breast compressions with the hand supporting the breast and got more milk with a manual than with an electric.
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