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Thread: couldn't get a letdown...

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    Default couldn't get a letdown...

    So tonight at bedtime I couldn't get a letdown at all. I tried everything and eventually grabbed some frozen BM and gave him a bottle.

    Some nights he gets impatient waiting for a letdown, it's always slower in the evenings for me, and he'll start to cry or fuss but I can always soothe him and quietly encourage him to keep going and he will until he gets one. Tonight was different - he went into all out panic mode when he didn't get one. I switched sides, closed my eyes, tried to relax...but he got so frustrated he was screaming and crying and twisting his body. I tried burping him, tried just putting him to bed (maybe he wasn't hungry?)...I tried reading another book to him to relax both of us..sung him a few lullabies while rocking..I tried to pump and I tried to hand express...I could not trigger one either.

    After about 20 minutes, he was VERY upset and wouldn't latch at all for more than long enough to realize there still was no milk.

    I ended up giving him a bottle of frozen milk, like I said above, and he was calmed down in seconds.

    He is 4 months old and this is the first time it's happened to this extent. I'm sure it's just a fluke thing - I've had a stressful day and he nursed a lot more than usual this afternoon - but what do I do if it happens again?? If I hadn't anything frozen it would have been a miserable night.

    Has anyone else experienced this??
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    Default Re: couldn't get a letdown...

    Maybe try hand compressions?

    I'm sorry. That sounds stressful. I've had that happen when I was pumping before. It's rough.

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    Default Re: couldn't get a letdown...

    I dunno how to help either, but I have a feeling I'm beginning to experience this with my 3 month old. She got as many bottles today as she does while I'm at work (only I DIDN'T work today). Usually she nurses and there's no problem but today, it was just long enough to realize there wasn't milk as fast as she wanted it and she freaked out until I made the bottle.

    VERY frustrating.
    But then again, I went back to work a couple weeks ago and started birth-control last week and struggled with supply from the beginning....so I may already have a couple things working against me.

    I guess the thing I'm struggling with most is feeling like I failed her for not being able to exclusively breastfeed. I know this is unfair, but still...

    Good luck to you and I hope you know that we all support you're hard work! (even IF you're little one needs a bottle sometimes)

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