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Thread: Night weaning for 20-lb four-month-old

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*veddersbetter00 View Post
    My issue is that he seems overtired during the day and is eating when I am pretty sure he doesn't really need to at night. This leads to more diaper changes (we do cloth; I have mega-hemp inserts but he still needs at least one at night) which wake him up fully, thus causing poorer sleep. It also mean my wrists aren't resting as much as they could be. I do have both soft and hard splints for my wrists, and I have received cortisone shots in each wrist.

    I don't have too much of a problem with the night waking, and I am happy to cuddle, rock, sing, soothe etc. as much as he needs. I just don't want to feed him when he doesn't need food.
    Even though he is a healthy thriving baby, He is still only 4months old. 4months old is still too young to sleep train or withhold food. They still need to eat around the clock and STTN is defined as any period of time that is 4hours or longer. So he IS STTN because you are getting a 6hour stretch from him. It's not reasonable to think that after no eating for 6hours that he would not need to eat when he wakes at 1am. Their stomach aren't that big. His tummy may be bigger than a his 14lb counterparts but the amount he holds is still relative time wise to what his little 20lb body needs to eat. He eats more because he is bigger. But it's still all getting absorbed into his brain and tissue just as quickly as if he was a smaller baby.
    I would not worry about night weaning until after the 6month point when you have some solids firmly established in the mix.

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    Default Re: Night weaning for 20-lb four-month-old

    i dont really have any advice, but i just wanted to say that i personally see no issue with you having a larger baby. my babygirl is HUGE as well. im a little person 5'1'' and my husband is 6'4'' and our baby girl is a monstrous 16 pounds when i weighed her last and shes only 3 months old. its sort of funny when i go places and they assume that shes slow because they think shes 8months + and they're like shouldnt she be sitting up by now on her own blah blah, whatever my kids only 3 months old lady.

    but, i do understand that you would probably want to cut down since your wrists hurt so much!

    i hope you find a way soon!!!

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