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Thread: unfinished breastmilk?

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    I've reused and reheated bm before and never had either of my daughters get sick. I wouldn't do it if we were outside in the heat or something but can't spare any breastmilk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*momtotm View Post
    I think the rule is 1 hour once they have put their mouth to it (saliva can mix with the milk and allow bacteria to grow). You can leave a bottle of freshly pumped breast milk at room temp for 3-4 hours as long as baby has not drank from it yet.
    I would re-use within that day. Never reheat though. I think it's because everytime you reheat you lose some of the properties. So better just to leave at room temperature. I also would never let it go past the day. The threat of bacteria colonizes and contaminating the milk is too much for me. Like I trust BM out for up to 8hours. And I do trust that within the day my child would drink it before it became a problem. But putting it back in the fridge and pulling it back out....on ANOTHER day, that's out of my comfort zone in terms of risk.
    Though I am totally down for the sniff, taste test.

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    I alway reuse milk....I haven't had any problems yet
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    I've reheated milk from the fridge before. I think there's something about frozen and thawed milk and not reusing, but I could just be thinking about the "use in 24 hours" thing.

    I hate to throw any of it out! When the dc provider gives back a bottle with 2 ounces, I pour it into the bottle for the next day and mix with 2 ounces from another storage bag.

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