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Thread: nipple confusion or shallow latch?

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    Default nipple confusion or shallow latch?

    Hello !!!! I am really determined to breastfeed my new baby but am having some issues.

    frist at the hospital I didn't receive the right support and my wishes where not respected and so my baby was given formula on a bottle his first day of life he just wouldn't latch was really fuzzy at the breast and well the lady who was helping me was really arrogant and gave him his first bottle. I was really disappointed and exhausted so I just followed along however, i kept pumping my breast and established a good milk supply kept insisting but we would both end up frustrated. long story short his been on formula and expressed breastmilk for two months now bottled fed of course (whish i had informed my self of alternate ways of feeding)

    I tried a nipple shield for a few days to see if he latched on thinking it was the bottle and voila he did!! i took it off and he latched but apparently it was a shallow latch my nipples where really sore after and lipstick shape. how ever he did transfer milk. so suction is very strong !!!

    so i finally decided to call a lactation consultant and we are trying to investigate what the problem is. she says everything looks good and he is transferring milk but i shouldn't have the lipstick shape nipples and painful sore ness after.

    She told me it could be he is just sucking my breast like he sucks on the bottle cuss is the only way his learned, so in the mean time we are working to get a deeper latch

    Im hoping some experienced moms could give more tips and advice on what im experiencing

    PS: im also gonna check him for posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie just in case

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    Default Re: nipple confusion or shallow latch?

    some of the info here might be helpful to you:

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    The thing I found helpful with both of mine was making the breast flatter (a "breast sandwich") before latching baby on. Thumb on top, fingers beneath, gently squeeze. This helps the nipple to stand out and baby can get a big mouthful. Good luck! You can definitely do this!
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    Here's a page on the nipple sandwich technique: http://www.mother-2-mother.com/NippleSandwich.htm

    Be patient, Mama! Time is on your side. Lots of times babies grow into a deeper latch as their mouths grow and change shape. Meanwhile, you're definitely on track for improvement! You got your baby to latch and nurse, and that's HUGE! I know it hurts, but if you can bear it try to keep your baby on the breast at least part time. I am convinced it really helps babies avoid nipple confusion.

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    Thank you girls for all the support. It is definitely hard work and sometimes when I get tired I just want to give it up but the support of my husband and ur words have picked me up. I did try the sandwhich breast. But Ive noticed after a while he makes sucking noises and unlatches. Today talking to my dad I found out he was born tongue tie so now Im really gonna get him checked I live in jersey city new jersey an the closest doctor I found who was certified and knowledgeable about it was dr. Dalh in manhattan and they dont take my insurance I'm on nj family care.

    Any suggestions ?!

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    Default Re: nipple confusion or shallow latch?

    I used the shield for 4 months. My LO's mouth was big enought to take the nipple without pain/soarness after that. Don't be afraid to use the shield, it's WAY better than formula and bottles, and once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad.

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