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Thread: How long until I'm not sore?

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    Question How long until I'm not sore?

    DD weaned on her 3rd birthday which was nearly 3 months ago now. I didn't have any problems with engorgement since it was very gradual up until that point. However, there are still random days that I do feel really "tight" and I've been pretty much "sore" for the past 6 weeks if not longer. I'm trying to remember back to before I was pregnant (early 2007!) whether my boobs were always this sore or not, but back then I didn't have a small person constantly jumping on me and grabbing me.

    So my question is -- how long will it take for this "soreness" to go away? I would've thought 3 months was plenty...!
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    Default Re: How long until I'm not sore?

    Have you been letting down? I would say if you have not been expressing any milk for this whole time, you should probably not be still feeling soreness. When I weaned DD1 I was pregnant, so it could have been due to that that I dried up more quickly, but 3 months sounds like a long time to me. I hope you get more answers, but it might be worth a call to your doctor.

    Do you know if you are still producing milk? Like if you tried to express right now, would you get any?

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