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Thread: Fustrated w/ my dr

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aprilsmagic View Post
    at that doc.

    Weaning causes hormonal upsets and can worsen depression.

    There's plenty of safe antidepressants, should you need them, to take while BFing.

    Also, throwing meds at it is so silly if you don't do anything else. You also need a good support group, and plain old counseling, in addition to the support, might be enough.

    I haven't met anyone who just took meds and the depression went away. But I know people who implemented more support and found a good counselor and didn't need meds.

    I was seriously depressed after the birth of my son and finally talked to a doctor. I take zoloft, just 50mg a day, and it has been night and day for me. My depression, anxiety and mood swings are gone and I'm not in any sort of therapy. I know that doesn't work for everyone but it did for me. I was actually suicidal before I got medicated, it was bad. I feel 1000x better now.
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    agree with all pp.
    you don't need this sort of attitude when you're already depressed. you need

    the breastfeeding network website has info on meds and bf. it also has a meds and bf helpline.

    all the best
    diane x

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    Yeah, I would be super annoyed with that doc. I agree that weaning would be WAY more stressful/depressing!


    heres another website about ppd meds and breastfeeding.
    Sounds like Zoloft is a winner lol!...

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    not geting any benefits? I never understand that one... Like human milk magically looses all nutritional value, immunological transfer, and the nursing relationship is suddenly not comforting. Sheesh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post
    And weaning now- how exactly would that help you? You'd still be mothering the same challenging little toddler, only you'd be doing it without one of your most reliable tools! How would that improve your depression issues?
    The biggest benefit of nursing a toddler, IMO, is how it can turn a cranky child into a happy, pleasant one. That's good for mom's mood too.

    Like everyone else has said, it certainly is possible to take anti-depressants while nursing and there are plenty of moms with PPD who do. I also agree with aprilsmagic that a support group and counseling could be a huge help just in themselves.

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    Have you looking into Cognative Behaviour Therapy? It has done amazing things for my anxiety. Drug free! It doesn't work for everyone, my mom thinks its just plain stupid, but it really helped me. I was depressed while pregnant.
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