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Thread: About to Start solids with lots of questions!!

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    Smile About to Start solids with lots of questions!!

    Hi. My DD is going to be 9 months on Monday and she is EBF. She has never had any solids and never had a bottle. I'm a stay at home mom so I just feed her whenever I think she wants it. She is starting to get her second tooth and I'm starting to feel like she wants solids. (I orginally wanted to EBF for a whole year without solids, but I'm starting to feel like I should give her solids). I'm planning on making my own baby food (just ordered a baby grinder) and I'm going to start her on one fruit for about a week and keep doing that and then add a veggie, etc... I've read and heard that you need to start your baby on one fruit or food at a time to make sure they don't have any allergies. I'm excited to start her on solids, but I'm nervous too... I'm not sure how to go about all this... I've read that you should breastfeed first and then give your baby food, which is what I plan on doing. How many times should I give her solids per day? Like 2-3? Cause that's what I was thinking about doing. Another thing I was wondering is should I start giving her water with her food and throughout the day? She has never had a bottle only the breast... Do I give her a sippy cup with water or a bottle??? I just don't know what to do and don't want her to be thirsty... Another thing I was wondering about is will my milk supply decrease when I introduce solids? I don't want this to happen!! I want to keep breastfeeding her for a long time!! I feed my LO probably at least 6 times during the day... I give her swigs all day... haha... Anyways should I just keep breastfeeding like normal and give her some solids after some feedings?? I'm sorry about all the questions... I just need advice. Thanks!!!!

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    Default Re: About to Start solids with lots of questions!!

    At 9 months it's probably not necessary to give purees. Barring medical issues she should be developmentally able to eat table foods (that generally happens around 6 mos old). Offering your child appropriate table foods gives them the opportunity to regulate their own intake of food, so you don't have to worry if you are feeding them too much or too little because they will take in exactly as much as they need.

    If you choose to give water, I would give it in a sippy cup or normal cup. There's no need to introduce a bottle at this point. It's probably not necessary for hydration, since she nurses frequently, but it won't hurt anything either.

    Here's an article you might find helpful, keep in mind this article uses the European meaning of the term "weaning" to mean beginning to eat solid foods and not the American meaning, which refers to stopping breastfeeding.
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    Default Re: About to Start solids with lots of questions!!


    At 9 mo old I would skip purees and go directly to "finger foods". LO who started solids earlier (6 mo or so) are often transitioning to finger foods around 9 or 10 mo.

    Yes - offer ONE new food at a time. Wait 3 or so days to check for any reactions before introducing a new food.

    Continue to breastfeed FIRST then offer solids.

    Start with offering one time a day and see what happens. Choose whichever "meal" is most convenient for you. Many people like to introduce new foods at breakfast or lunch - in case it upsets baby's tummy you don't want to have unhappy baby right before bedtime.

    Gradually add in more "meals" based on baby's interest in solids.

    All LO are different! I started offering both my LO solids around 6 mo. DS1 was interested in exploring food but didn't really eat much until 8.5 mo or so. DS2 LOVED to eat and was doing 3 "meals" a day by the time he was 7 mo. With both LO I continued to breastfeed first. I never had solids affect supply. DS1 weaned at about 2.5 when I was pg and DS2 is a BIG eater and going strong with breastfeeding at 18 mo.

    Have you considered doing "baby led solids"? Basically offering baby appropriate foods and baby self-feed and gets to decide what and how much to eat. See link in my signature for more info.

    I like to offer my LO water with meals. I would NOT use a bottle but some sort of sippy or straw cup. You probably need to experiment with different types of cups. Neither of my LO liked a traditional sippy cup. Both I started with a "soft spout" (like a nuby) and then quickly went to a straw cup.

    Tons and tons of great information and resources here:
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    Smile Re: About to Start solids with lots of questions!!

    Thank you for guys for the links and the advice!!

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    Default Re: About to Start solids with lots of questions!!

    There's a great book about baby and solids and finger foods by gill rapley called baby led weaning... the weaning does not mean to wean your baby of the breast, it's just a uk way of saying starting solids
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