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Thread: How long to pump?

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    Default How long to pump?

    I have been pumping 15-30 minutes every 2-3 hours (4 at night). I've heard to pump for 5 minutes after the last drops to increase supply. More times than not, even after 20-30 minutes I am still having milk come out. What is the limit for how long to go? After about 30 min. my nipples are getting pretty raw.

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    I have a lot of milk and virtually no pump letdown, and if I stop at 30 minutes, I leave about half my milk in there So I do a lot of breast compressions to help things along. I have found is to find a balance between the pump's suction, the time, and the compressions to get it done in 30 minutes to try to minimize the bruising from the pump. At first, though, I very much did the go for 5 minutes after the last drops (although I never have last last drops, just when it really stopped going when I did compressions) to boost my supply as much as possible. I have one side that produces way less than the other, as a result of 2 breast surgeries in my twenties, and I do just keep pumping that side even though it's dry long before the other one stops to try to keep things even.
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