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Thread: Relactation Results??

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    I have a three month old and am trying to relactate. I still get some out but not a lot. I'm curious as to if I am doing this right and when I will see results. ( I tried to relactate earlier but work got in the way and I got frustrated) So I rented a hospital grade pump (the medella symphony), I have a prescription for reglan and am taking more milk plus special blend. I am pumping every two hours during the day and three at night. Once the lo will latch I plan to nurse 10 min on each side and follow with 10 min of pumping. I'm going to try and power pump once or twice a day as well.

    Does this sound like the right way to start again? I also have an SNS so I will try to use that as well... And most importantly when will I see results? I want to bf again because my little man is spitting up way too much on formula and I did not remember him doing that when I was bfing. Will bf help this spit up issue as well?
    Thanks for any help and I am so excited to get back to the breast!!!

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    Your plan sounds like an excellent one!

    As to when you will see results... That's just so hard to answer! Every mom is different, and there's just no way to predict how quickly or effectively your program will work. I know that my LC said that on average it takes about 2x longer to get your supply back than it did to lose it- but that's just my dim memory of a tossed-off statement. I wouldn't take it for gospel, YK?

    Hopefully your supply comes back fast and your baby takes to the breast and the spitting up stops or at least decreases.

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    Thank you for your help and encouragement love you ladies! Here is the update I am pumping with my symphony and still getting nothing. Taking the reglan was horrible so I had to stop. Westin will not latch with the SNS or just the nipple sheild so I was thinking about trying the nipple shield and the SNS, would that help my supply at all. I am going to take a three day pumping vacation, and doing some baby bathing and skin to skin all weekend to help hopefully. I just want to do at least two bottles a day but I'm loosing hope. Would heat on my breasts give some extra stimulation as well??? I want this so bad an help would be so great and any other suggestions would be wonderful!!!

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