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Thread: Start solids/cereal at 4 months?

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    Default Start solids/cereal at 4 months?

    Ok - I had always planned to start my baby on solids at around 6 months (or when she is ready). However, my baby is in daycare and is not doing well with the bottle (of my milk). On a good day, she is only taking about 5 ounces (total). On a bad day - maybe 2 or 3 ounces (in a 10 hour time period). Her daycare thinks I should start her on cereal as she can be a bit fussy. She is gaining weight fine (she is already almost 19 pounds - off the charts for weight). I do get up with her frequently at night to feed her, but I am ok with this.

    Should I give her cereal so she will have something in her belly while at daycare since she will not take the bottle? I hate to think of her hungry all day when I cannot be with her! I am so torn on what to do! Her doctor is fine with cereal now, I just don't know...Please help!

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    Default Re: Start solids/cereal at 4 months?

    I would not start solids for a breastfed baby at 4 months. Is your daughter screaming at daycare, starving? Or are they just looking at a number they should be fulfilling, comparing her to others? Many breastfed babies reverse cycle, eating more at night with mama and less from a bottle during the day. As long as she is happy and gaining weight, it doesn't sound like there is a problem to solve.

    On a side note, it's my experience that daycare workers should not be giving parenting advice. Just my opinion though.
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    my peditrician mentioned at LO 2 month appt that we would talk about starting solids at 4 months...i had planned on waiting until 6 months as well. i'll bring the kelly mom info to my appt to discuss.
    she's the size of the average 5 month old at 2 months..so she's clearly doing well on my milk alone
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    Default Re: Start solids/cereal at 4 months?

    I had co-workers when I was teaching whose babies would only nurse just before and just after school - then cluster feed in the evening and nurse all night (they co-slept). Once the babies were sitting up some on their own - they used cups to feed them breast milk, and were able to delay solids until after 6 months. Neither of the babies would drink from a bottle!! There are some great sippy cups out there now - so it might be worth giving one of them a try.

    So - it can be done.
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    Default Re: Start solids/cereal at 4 months?

    Yup, sounds totally normal:

    Just the same as a STTN baby will go through several hours of not eating, a reverse cycling baby who wants to be with mama may do the same thing at DC.

    LO is gaining well so what is the point? It is easier to stick a bottle or a spoon in a baby's face than to hold and soothe them. Never mind the naysayers. You're the parent. You decide. No solids till 6 mos: every single major health organization in the world says the same thing.
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