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Thread: Exhausted from pumping :( -5 month old

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    Unhappy Exhausted from pumping :( -5 month old

    Hi Guys -
    So I've been down the pumping road before. I have a 4 year old that I successfully pumped (while at work) for 1.5years and breastfed (when home) until she was 3. I've gone thru supply issues and demand changes and was able to come out of it... not this time.

    I have a 5 month old who I nurse when I'm at home and I've taken all the steps to keep my milk supply up but I'm struggling. I am super fustrated and after 2 months of trying my best, I'm ready to bring on the formula and ease my stress levels.

    Here's what I've done
    - massages
    - warm compresses
    - brought in the senses (photos, smelling her clothes etc)
    - Family bed - I nurse from the moment I get home until I leave to work
    - Threw pumping "schedules" out the door and pump randomly but still about every 1.5 hours. Sometimes for 5 mins after letdown and sometimes for another 10 mins past letdown and sometimes waiting for two letdowns
    - Ferugreek - Tablets taken
    - I drink plenty
    - Sleep ... sorta check
    - I pump with a hospital grade pump while at work

    I'm exhausted. At this time, last baby, I had a three day supply of extra milk for her so I was able to have a couple hours of alone time at the library. This time it's not the case. I barely make enough for her and last week we had to give her a little formula. My heart sank as I heard she took formula

    So - I pump 2oz at 530am / 8oz thruout the day until 330pm / Nursing all the time at home....

    She's 5 months old and is about 16 pounds (9 pounds at birth)

    I'm mentally exhausted... and I feel like such a failure. I also feel that if I had just a couple hours to myself ... I could refresh but I have no milk to give her

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    Default Re: Exhausted from pumping :( -5 month old

    is she sleeping all night for you?
    maybe shes talking more milk at night then you figure and you don't need to worry about it so much.

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    Default Re: Exhausted from pumping :( -5 month old

    It sounds like you are doing everything you can to give your daughter as much of your milk as possible. You need to be able to have some time to yourself to be the best mother you can be. If you need to give her some formula to supplement what you already work so hard to provide for her don't feel bad. You are doing your best. Your daughter is getting lots of your milk. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

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    Default Re: Exhausted from pumping :( -5 month old

    A baby only takes 1-1.5 oz of ebm while mom is gone. You should like you're on target. Is this not correct?

    Can you toss in another pumping session on the weekends?

    I've also heard of moms pumping one side and nursing the other. Look up power pumping, too. Maybe try PP for one session a day.


    ETA: do you have a hands free bra or way to pump? I always get more milk with mine. Maybe I'm more relaxed.
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    Default Re: Exhausted from pumping :( -5 month old

    Sounds like you are pumping around 10 oz a day? So that should be PLENTY for a few hours away! How much does she drink from a bottle and what bottles are you using!

    Pumping is HARD work, what type of pump are you using?

    hope that you are able to get some time that you need!
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