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Thread: Root Canal!!

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    My LO is 16 mos old. We still nurse on demand, mainly nap time and bed time then through the night. I know I am a human soothy but I would really like her to self wean. Unfortunately I need to have a root canal. Praise God I am not in allot of pain so I can take a little time to wean, but I need to wean her in about a week so that I can have the surgery. (I have not scheduled the appt yet but doc says pain will come back at any time) Does anyone have any ideas for me? I would like for weaning to be her idea, I cant stand the thought of not comforting her and just going cold turkey!

    All comments appreciated!

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    Why do they say you need to wean? I just had a root canal done, and never needed to even pump and dump. You can call infant risk to find out about the safety of the drugs they are going to use.

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    The drugs they give are harmless and have a short half-life in breastmilk. Just avoid morphine and Valium is it? Kellymom.com has info on oral surgeries and whats safe or not. Even iv sedation is relatively safe, which us what I'm getting next week. Tho mine is the opposite, I'm getting extractions.
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    I had one started before I got pg and finished when I was BF. Not sure why you have to wean?
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    What in the world are going to be getting? I had one last year when my son was 5 mos; it was basically the same as getting a filling. I declined the nitrous and just listened to an audiobook. No pain killers needed. Good luck!
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    I just had one the other day. You don't need to wean.

    Call infantrisk.org

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    I had a root canal while pregnant AND breastfeeding. No mention of needing to wean.
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