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Thread: 26 m/o still nurses but no milk?

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    Default 26 m/o still nurses but no milk?

    Lyric is 26 months now and nurses maybe once every four days or so and the longest she's nursed is 2 minutes. I can't hand express milk anymore and when I ask her if there's milkies, she says no and keeps nursing. I'm not sure if she's just saying no though. Last week while I was in the shower, I was able to squeeze some milk out...

    Do you think I still have milk? Or should I nudge her toward weaning? Or should I let her continue to "nurse" even without milk? She is still very attached to playing with my nipples, she has her hand in my shirt all. the. time. (I'm willing to take advice on how to stop that from continuing...)
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    Default Re: 26 m/o still nurses but no milk?

    She's getting some milk. She probably is through it in 2 minutes though and the rest is just comfort.

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