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Thread: question about methods to help with OALD

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    Red face question about methods to help with OALD


    My son is almost 5 months old, and I just figured out a few weeks ago that I have an oversupply issue. I have been block feeding for about a week, just nursing from one side per feeding. His diarrhea is no longer green, and he is having 3-4 BM's a day (loose, yellow, kind of watery, still with some small amounts of mucus) - he was having 6-8 green, "spinachy" poops before. While his BM's have improved (although I don't think they are "normal"...are they? is it okay to be on the watery side and have some mucus?), I am still struggling to get my OALD under control.

    I have tried lying way back in my rocker, lying down in bed and have used a nipple shield a few times. The nipple shield is about the only thing that seems to work, but I don't want to use this too much for fear of nipple confusion (I have already noticed a few times that when I remove it and put him back on the breast that he "chews" more. When I don't use the shield, my son will nurse pretty vigorously through the first let down (usually will not choke or cough, but does seem to barely be able to keep up)...as soon as it is over, he unlatches, starts crying, and usually passes some gas and will have a watery BM...he does this no matter what position I am in (but does not exhibit these symptoms when I use the nipple shield).

    I have tried unlatching him as soon as the letdown starts, but my milk never "sprays" out when I take him off...making me think this he may have a very strong suck and that this is why he is having problems. I read a LLL article that mentioned doing a "scissors" hold of the areola with your first and middle fingers to help slow down the ejection reflex and I am just wondering if anyone has experience with this? I just tried it for a feeding and it did seem to work well, but I am afraid that if I do it all the time I am going to cause plugged ducts. Is it okay to do this for every feeding? Are you supposed to apply pressure or just squeeze?

    I am getting ready to travel and spend quite a bit of time in airports and I am nervous about breastfeeding because I know I will probably have to nurse sitting up, and we still have issues even when I lie down...so if anyone has any other suggestions about ways to help with OALD while traveling, I would love to hear them! Thank you so much!

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    Whenever I was out and about or traveling with my son, I made sure I had a few cloth diapers along for burp cloths. My OALD would spray across the room if I were sitting up, so I would take him off the nipple during let down and just hold a clean burp cloth over it to soak up the milk until the let down was over. Then my little guy would latch on again. He would fuss sometimes while waiting (no patience hehe), but otherwise no problems. This seemed to help with the choking and sputtering and with the gas. I had oversupply issues and block fed one breast at a time as well, so I wasn't worried about wasting the milk. It may have even helped get rid of some of the foremilk so that he didn't fill up before getting to the hindmilk.

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    Default Re: question about methods to help with OALD

    i could have written both of your post...i am travelling too in a few months and i am mortified about my milk spraying all over Africa....I have enough milk to feed all the hungry children of africa mind you but i am afraid of spraying the passenger who will be seated beside us....lol. I am about to take some sage tomorrwo cause DD is 6 and a half months and the supply and OALD is ridiculous...she still chokes and coughs and has horrible gas pains....i sympathize with you ladies! At least or i hope, that you are having some sleep cause here no sleep since she has been 8 wks old as the gas pains are worst at night...
    first time mama to a gassy but adorable baby named Makayla- Wouldn't give up breasfeeding for anything in the world.

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    If nursing on one side per feeding is not enough to get your supply under control, you may have to go even longer before switching sides. When my OS/OALD was still at full force, I had to go about 5 hours between switching sides to reduce it to a manageable level.

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