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Thread: Not sure how to go about weaning.....

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    Default Not sure how to go about weaning.....

    My little man will be 11 months old and I am starting to think about the weaning process. I want him to self wean, but at this point I am just done. I am exhausted with the pumping and the constant night feedings now. I am wondering how I approach this with my little guy.

    To be honest I think he has already started weaning but I can't be sure. While I work (which used to be part time, but recently feels like full time) he is at the babysitters or with my husband. Each cargiver is constantly offering him his sippy cups (he stopped taking a bottle at nine months) but he usually only drinks somewhere between 3-4 ounces the whole day. When I get home around 6 a few nights a week he might nurse twice and then go to bed. Some nights the kid sleeps all night only waking up at 4 to eat, while other nights he is up 3-4 times. He eats three meals a day (he loves adult food) and has some gerber yogurt as a snack. He typically eats the same things his daddy and I are eating and will chow it down. The kid is always on the go but on the weekends he will sit with me for hours just nursing. I want to do this gradually but be completely weaned by June/July (about 16 months old). Do I just start cutting back feedings? What about pumping??? I only pump one time a day and it is usually just a quick pump since he does not eat much when I am not around anymore.

    Any advice would really help! I am just proud I made it this far but for him to not have any formula or jars of baby food it has been well worth all the trials!

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    Default Re: Not sure how to go about weaning.....

    Mama, it sounds like you can relax! You are already well on your way to weaning. Your baby is eating plenty of solids and is enjoying them, He's already cutting down on his intake of milk. The one thing he's doing that sounds like a PITA is that he's nursing so much on the weekends- but that's undoubtedly a reflection of his desire to reconnect with you when you're home with him. As he gets older and more independent he'll probably reduce that behavior as well.

    In short, I don't think you have to do anything in order to get your kid to self-wean. That's the definition of self-weaning- Mama doesn't push. The kid leads the way.

    But if you want to fast-forward the process, you might want to concentrate on eliminating those night feedings, and on encouraging nursing manners during the day. Your LO may want to nurse for hours but as he gets further into toddlerhood you'll be able to distract him with toys, games, or snacks, or just tell him that "it's time to be done."

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