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Thread: frustration with pumping when I'm away from baby

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    Default frustration with pumping when I'm away from baby

    Hi! My baby girl is 6 months old, usually exclusively breast fed every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs during the day and maybe 2x at night (usually 11 pm and 4 am). She's 16#11oz, good wet diapers, good BM every other day. I am a mostly SAHM but work a few days a month as a nurse in the ER. I am also finishing my bachelor's degree online and will be done this May. (hurray!) Everything has been going GREAT with BF, she loves it, I love it, my fam is very supportive!

    My frustration lately has been that when I have needed to be away from her, say if I am taking a study break for 3-4 hrs at a coffee shop or whatever and have a sitter, I am having to pump in the car to keep up enough milk for the freezer stash.

    So my ? is - has anyone dealt with this - and how? Pumping at work is so easy, I can usually pump at least 2x during an 8 hr shift, and everyone is very understanding and supportive. Pumping in the CAR out in public is a totally different story. It is very awkward, very frustrating, I have a hard time relaxing... I have not been going to big public places like the mall (because I am trying to get studying done!) where I could pump in a dressing room or something and have more privacy/spread out. Last time I threw a hissy fit in the backseat of my car. I have a great Medela double pump that works like a charm...the problem is definitely USER error, not pump deficiency!

    Any suggestions/hints/tips?

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    Default Re: frustration with pumping when I'm away from baby

    Im terrible, I actually NEVER left for more then a few hours, and wuold ONLy pump at home or my sisters house, etc... Are you close enough to home to run back to pump? I can imagine how akward and difficult PIP-pumping in public (hey did I just make that up?) must be.

    I guess the next best thing would be a dressing room, but that must still be a trying time...
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    Default Re: frustration with pumping when I'm away from baby

    I could come home, but honestly with gas prices going up, it's a lot of going back/forth! That's why I am trying to figure out how to make it work when I am out in town. And I'm so lazy... if I came home I would just rather feed her!!!

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    Default Re: frustration with pumping when I'm away from baby

    I have the same problem. I live a distance from everything. I have 4 kids. I'm EPing. I have to pump, and if I want to go and do anything -- even a trip to the grocery store or Target -- I have to pump away from home and often while driving. And it's not easy. And I can't relax while pumping, both because it's hard to pump in public and because I'm usually driving, with or without a child in the car. And so I never get as much as I do at home.

    A couple things have helped me, and one is to have a hands free bra for the car. And to make sure my nursing cover stays in the car. I forgot both one day, and I got practically nothing at that pumping. I should have just skipped it.

    The other thing I do, if I can, is to get in the backseat. My car has tinted windows, enough to really make it hard to see in, and if I get in the back, you'd have to walk right up to see what I'm doing, and I'm covered (there's just that few seconds while getting the hand's free bustier on where I'm half undressed).

    If I didn't have tinted windows, a blanket over the window and those sun shield things might make it seem less a fishbowl.

    I have accepted that I won't get as much, so I try to limit pumpings like that to one or two, at most a day, and then come home and pump a lot with my regular hospital grade pump (I use a Freestyle while out, and while it's good, I get more with the Symphony) in the comfort of home. I had a day like that today, honestly. Lots of running around.

    ETA: and yeah, if I could nurse instead of pump, do that instead. Baby is better than a pump!
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