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    I'm still happily nursing my almost LO who will be 2 in May A LOT! I don't wear a bra at night but during the day I'm so tired of nursing bras and really want to get back into my pretty underwire padded bras. I just miss the other shirts and things I can wear with different bras. Especially now that warm weather is coming. I tried before but got sore and had plugged ducts. Should I try again? will wearing them during the day have anything to do with milk production? Curious to see what other moms have done. It isn't the end of the world if I can't. I'm just hoping to continue nursing for quite awhile yet, no end in sight for us and would love to have this one thing for my selfish self!

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    To be honest I haven't worn a nursing bra in over a year.. I just wear normal ones and I have never personally noticed any diference in my production. and S is 30 pounds at 2years old.. So I just wear what I want now.
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    I'd try again. Might be different since your LO is older. I have always worn underwire. I need it I haven't worn a nursing bra in a while though.
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    Yup, I agree. Try it again, just make sure it's not too tight or that the underwire isn't pushing against your breasts. I wear a nursing bra sometimes (that I really, really like the fit of), but I also wear padded, pretty Victoria's Secret bras (I really need a good lift ). Mind you, my lo is almost 25 months, but I think I stopped exclusively wearing nursing bras somewhere between 12 and 18 months.
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    I still wear a nursing bra but I love the fit of mine.. and since we still nurse like 6 times a day.. the convenience... worth it. but i miss pretty bras oh yes i do..

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    Sometime after my Lo turned a year old I shrunk a cup size and stopped spilling out the top of some of my pretty bras. Give it a try and see how it goes
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    I have started wearing regular bras at 15 months. I still wear
    nursing bras at home but out I wear a regular one, ds has pretty much stopped nip the world is way too interesting for him. I wear underwire and haven't had problems with plugs or anything.
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    I convert my pretty bras to nursing bras. It's very simple but does involve some sewing. All you need are the bra clips, elastic, and thread to match your bra. If you live close to me, I'd do it for you . There are tutorials online too. If you're interested in details let me know.
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