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Thread: Iron supplementation

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    Question Iron supplementation

    I have a question about iron supplementation for myself. While I was pregnant I was found to be anemic and had to take iron twice a day. Since I had my daughter I stopped taking the iron, but still take my prenatal vitamins. Over the past few days I have been feeling slightly nauseous, light-headed, and weak, and I am wondering if I am anemic again. I also have read that exlusively breastfed babies can sometimes become anemic, but that might be a separate issue. Anyway, I am wondering if it is a good idea for me to start taking my iron again. Will that iron go through my breastmilk to my daughter, so she doesn't become anemic, or would she need her own supplement? I told my ped at her 4 month visit, which was yesterday, that I don't plan to start cereal until at least 6 months. I even asked her specifically if my daughter might need a supplement, but she said no. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!

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    Well, your story started out being exactly the same as mine- anemic in pregnancy, iron 2x daily, stopping iron PP, and then feeling dizzy again. My OB/GYN told me that I should take the iron again for a month to see if it stops the anemia symptoms.

    I also have heard that babies need iron vitamin supplement if they are EBF... My pediatrician, unlike yours, wants me to start giving her the supplement when she is just 8 weeks old. I have found, in research and through the help of the fine ladies here in the forum, that the lower level of iron in BM is far more easily absorbed into the baby's system, therefore is sufficient. Personally, I am considering completely refusing the vitamin dropper.

    I don't know if iron goes through the milk, but my pediatrician also said that my prenatal vitamins are for my body and not the baby, so I'm assuming they are to be supplemented seperately if in need.


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